Who are we?

 is a family business full of tradition.  We’ve been in operation since 1993, producing high-quality custom duvets & bedding for demanding customers in southern Germany & central Europe.  We focus on individual customer requirements, don’t believe in mass-production, and maintain close contact with our customers & partners.

 specializes mainly in the manufacture of organic wool-filled duvets.  We’re convinced that not enough people in today’s society are informed or value the qualities that pure wool can offer.  Sleeping under a high-density of pure wool brings us in contact with nature.  A nightly renewal, powered by nature, is what many of us could use in today’s hectic society.  It’s our belief in our product that drives us forward.

 has it’s administrative base in Munich, Germany.  We value & maintain our local & regional contacts, but would love to hear from you no matter where you are!

We fill our duvets with more merino wool per cubic cm than any competitors you will find. . .go ahead & compare overall weights & sizes, then you’ll agree our prices are unbeatable!   We offer the best sleep money can buy!

Filling Density:

Wool vs. Goosedown vs. Synthetic filling - which is better?  Click here to find out!

Why Wool?

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21 April, 2011