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Why Wool?

We fill our duvets with more merino wool per cubic cm than any competitors you will find. . .go ahead & compare overall weights & sizes, then you’ll agree our prices are unbeatable!   We offer the best sleep money can buy!

Filling Density:
Why Wool?  Wool vs. other Duvet-Fillings:
Feature Synthetic Goosedown Wool
Insulating Yes Yes Yes
Moisture absorbing No No Yes
Flame resistant No No Yes
Breathable No No Yes
Natural No Yes Yes
Sustainable No No Yes
Self-Cleaning No No Yes
Soothing for Joints No No Yes
Soothing for Muscles No No Yes
25% more stage 4 deep sleep1 No No Yes
1 -vs Synthetic blankets, as per a scientific study undertaken by the University of Hull, faculty of Psychology
HRH The Prince of Wales endorses Wool!  Hear what he has to say:

21 January, 2011


We've manufactured some more of our ECO sortiment duvets due to high demand.

Get yours now - while stocks last!