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We specialize in manufacturing pure wool-fibre filled duvets of the highest quality. Our products are hand made of organic, natural fabrics & fillings, and offer uncompromising quality for unbeatable value!

Why wool?

Our duvets filled with organic wool are soothingly warm, cuddly & comforting, but offer a remarkably balanced temperature. Pure wool is the only duvet-filling which offers the unique ability to absorb and neutralize moisture & release of it naturally. These 2 qualities – temperature balancing and moisture absorption – can only be obtained through a dense filling of completely natural, non-chemically treated wool. No other filling is able to offer these benefits – whether duck feathers, down feathers, synthetic fillings (even of the highest grade), or camel-hair. Doctors increasingly recommend wool-filled duvets for people with rheumatism, arthritis, general joint problems & muscle pain, as high-density wool-filled duvets have even been reported to help alleviate some related symptoms. Many people, particularly in Nordic and central-European countries have long known & appreciated the qualities & benefits that wool-filled duvets provide. In many western countries however, wool as a duvet-filling remains underrepresented, and its benefits largely unknown.

Our duvets are hand-made, in a small family-owned & operated factory, employing the most modern equipment. The wool used to fill our duvets comes from nearby organic farms. The wool is hand-sheared, and then washed using only mineral-water & soda, in order to retain all natural benefits, particularly the Lanolin-oil (a fatty substance within the wool itself) - which is key to providing the aforementioned qualities as wool’s “self-cleaning” properties. Before being processed further, the wool undergoes a final UV-ray cleansing procedure. Subsequently, the wool is mechanically combed and woven into soft, airy fleeces, which are ultimately used to fill our duvets.

The aim with our “Eco-Sortiment” line of products is to offer a 100% natural, ecological & organic product. As such, the inlay/covering material for this range is nothing but 100% pure cotton, unbleached, untreated & uncoloured.

With our “Luxury-Sortiment”, we aim to combine the benefits of pure-wool filling with a more luxurious outer inlay/covering.

Whichever one of our duvets you chose, you’ll be sleeping with a natural product of the highest quality that will provide you with years of healthy sleeping!

Wool-Filled Duvets!

We fill our duvets with more merino wool per cubic cm than any competitors you will find. . .go ahead & compare overall weights & sizes, then you’ll agree our prices are unbeatable!   We offer the best sleep money can buy!

Filling Density:

Wool vs. Goosedown vs. Synthetic filling - which is better?  Click here to find out!

Why Wool?

21 April, 2011


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